Sources of instant content for your business

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Here’s the problem. You’ve committed yourself to putting high quality content out there regularly to demonstrate your expertise and attract new customers. But this time round, you’ve run out of time to write anything to post.

Don’t despair! The chances are you’ve already got quite a bit of content in your business already that you can repurpose.

For example:

  1. presentations you’ve given to your networking group
  2. questions you’ve answered in emails to prospects
  3. articles you’ve written for your industry magazine
  4. articles from old editions of your newsletter
  5. sections from lead magnets (especially old ones you don’t use any longer)
  6. podcast interviews you’ve done
  7. case studies you send to prospective clients
  8. cheat sheets or info guides you’ve given your sales team
  9. notes you’ve written on presentations you’ve attended
  10. briefing notes you’ve written for colleagues on topics

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. And if you rely on it too much, it’s likely to become exhausted. If you find yourself running out of time to create content regularly, contact a copywriter and get the outsourced support you need.



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